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When it comes to building real world applications that can scale there are a lot of different moving parts. You could manage all of these individual parts on your own or you can leverage tools that will help do this for you. 

In this course, my friend Dan Vega & I are going to show you everything you need to know about building Spring Boot & Angular 2 applications. We are going to walk you through building a real world project. 

We will start off the course teaching you about JHipster and how it jumpstarts your development with Angular 2 and Spring Boot. 

Then we show you how to build a real world application. 

From design, all the way to deployment. 
In this course, you will learn:
  • What is JHipster?
  •  What are the problems with building real-world applications?
  •  How you can solve those problems.
  •  Client side technologies vs Server side technologies.
  •  How to setup your development environment.
  •  Core JHipster
  •  JDL
  •  Design of a real world application
  •  Development of the application
  •  Test Driven Development
  •  Continuous Integration Builds
  •  Configuration of the production environment
  •  Deployment of the Spring Boot artifact into Production
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