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Video 1: Introducing the Spring Framework

When trying out a new programming language, what is the classic first step? "Hello World", right? In this video, I show you step by step how to use the Spring Initializr to create a Spring Boot application, and run "Hello World".

Video 2: Web Applications with Spring

Creating web applications with Spring is crazy easy. In this video, we again turn to Spring Initializr to kick off our web project. You'll see how easy it is to populate data into an H2 database and display the data on a web page.

Video 3: The Spring Way

Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control are two very powerful concepts core to the Spring Framework. Here we refactor the web application we built in the previous video. You'll see how using Dependency Injection can be leveraged improve your code quality.

Video 4: The Conclusion

Every day companies are using the Spring Framework to build massively scalable applications. Learn why Spring is the go to tool set today and in the future for massive scalability.

What Others Are Saying

I have found the premium courses on Spring Framework Guru to be very
informative. The information gleaned from these courses can be immediately put to use in real world solutions of your own. John provides the right mix of theory and hands on demonstration coupled with the source code for each module along the way. John is very passionate about Java and the Spring Framework and sharing what he’s learned with real world experience with others. I would highly recommend anyone interested in learning about Spring Framework to leverage the courseware from Spring Framework Guru. 

Jim Hankins 

GEOS Safety Solutions, Inc.

I am new to Spring and wanted to consider Spring Boot for a new project. I felt lost learning Spring Boot as I did not understand the Spring framework, which prompted me to complete the Spring Core course. I was delighted that this course not only covered how to use Spring, but more importantly, why to use Spring. I was so excited to use these new tools that I went on to complete the Spring Core Advanced course as well. 

The class did a thorough job of explaining what elements are provided by Spring Boot vs the Spring framework. I found The Spring Core Advanced especially helpful for understanding all of the JPA associations and how to use them. Both classes include code exercises with access to the starting code of the exercise and also the completed solution in GIT. The completed exercises are a great resource to remember how to use a feature that was highlighted in the class. Most importantly, the course provides access to the teacher and he has responded to both of my questions within an hour. I recommend these courses to anyone that values loose coupling and the SOLID principles. 

 Jill Thornton 

 Sacramento, CA

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