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Docker is a game changer for Java Developers!
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Inside This Free Course You Will Discover
Why Docker is a game changer for Java Developers

What is Docker?

Learn why Docker is not just another virtual machine technology.

Discover Docker Hub

Learn how you can leverage ready made Docker Images for popular technologies such as MySQL, Mongo DB, Rabbit MQ, and more!

Why are Companies Switching to Docker

Learn why cloud scale companies are using Docker for their production applications.

Run MySQL in Docker

Run MySQL in a Docker container, and configure persistent storage.
If you're a Java developer, Docker is a true game changer for you!

Developing Java applications in large enterprises is no easy task. Every day you are asked to work with many different technologies. In the morning, you might need to save data to a MySQL database. In the afternoon, you might be working with RabbitMQ. Tomorrow you might be asked to work with Mongo or Redis.

Think about what you need to do when working with all these different technologies.

If you install all these on your laptop, it becomes cluttered and slow. Sure, you could use VMs to run these - if you really want to slow down your laptop. Virtual Machines are awesome, but VMs can also be huge resource hogs.

If you're on a dev team, you can set up dedicated development servers. But then you don't have a clean development environment. And your development work becomes dependent on access to the development servers.

Docker is an exciting technology you can leverage for enterprise development.

The popularity of Docker has been explosive. Much of the industry focus has been on DevOps. But more so on the Operations part.

Did you know Google creates roughly 285 MILLION Docker containers per day?

Docker is clearly a popular technology for running cloud scale applications like GMail.

But as a Java developer, what does Docker mean to you?

Are you working with MySQL? There's a ready made Docker image for you.

Postgres? Mongo DB? Redis? Cassandra? RabbitMQ? ActiveMQ?

Yep, there's Docker images you can download and use today.

You can use Docker for a lot more than just your local development.

Are you developing microservices? If you are not already deploying your microservices in Docker containers, chances are you soon will be.

This is a free preview of my Docker for Java developers course.

This course will what Docker is and why its important to you as a Java developer.

Then you will get some hands on experience with Docker by running your own Docker container.

You're start off with a simple "Hello World" Docker container.

And you will see how easy it is to run Rabbit MQ and MySQL inside of Docker containers. 
Class Curriculum
  •  Course Introduction: (4:34)
  • Instructor Introduction: (2:28)
  • Checking Out from GitHub: (7:51)
Introduction to Docker
  • Introduction: (0:50)
  • What is Docker?: (14:19)
  • Docker Editions: (9:16)
  • Installing Docker: (1:50)
  •  Hello World with Docker: (3:50)
  • Docker Hub: (6:06)
  • Introducing Kitematic: (3:20)
  • Assignment - Run Hello World Nginx: (1:00)
  • Conclusion: (1:03)
Working with Containers and Images
  • Introduction: (1:51)
  • Running Mongo DB Docker Container: (10:00)
  • Assignment - Download and Run a Spring Boot Project: (1:17)
  • Assignment Review: (5:52)
  • Docker Images: (7:49)
  • Docker Files: (8:00)
  • Non Persistent Container Storage: (7:36)
  • Assigning Storage: (9:29)
  • Assignment - Run Rabbit MQ Container: (2:27)
  • Assignment Review: (7:55)
  • Docker House Keeping: (8:35)
  • Flash Cards: (7:09)
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